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Originally Posted by Ko.Fe. View Post
I'm re-convinced to try SP again, since I was able to get more about it in this thread.
Not sure if Focomat really worth it if I have working enlarger with latest Nikkor 50 2.8 lens. Is it going to be really different?
The only things that matter for an enlarger are alignment and evenness of light. Do you need a Focomat? No. They are nice though. There are a lot of nice enlargers. It just ends up coming down to what you like. The Focomat has autofocus once it is set up, so that is nice. It saves about ten seconds of focusing...

As far as your lens goes, my Focomat has a Nikkor on it right now. I have a ton of enlarging lenses. Very little difference between them. All the good ones are good. Even some "bad" ones are good for some purposes. Don't believe everything you read on the internet. Most people don't have any real experience with things. They just regurgitate what someone else regurgitated. If you have a Nikkor there is no point in changing it unless it is dirty or the elements are not optically centered. Odds are it is fine.
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