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Originally Posted by Freakscene View Post
And Erik's prints look great, I just don't see anything in them that comes from split grade printing.
I take that as a compliment. For years I did not know how Cartier-Bresson's pictures were printed. I did not even know that something like split printing existed. But I wondered how HCB's prints where made. They have at the same time A. beautifully light gray highlights (solid tonal highlights) and B. deep velvetly black tones (for example in bowler hats or in shiny leather). I could not achieve that on single grade paper. Finally I found out that the prints of Cartier-Bresson were achieved by split grade printing (was told me by a printer who worked for many years in professional darkrooms in Paris). I tried do do it myself and hopla, I got it, pretty easy in fact.

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