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Originally Posted by Erik van Straten View Post
No, the III is a later design. The III has strap lugs and some body stiffeners built in. It is a much smoother camera all around. The slow speeds of the III need a very low spring tension. If the shutter springs have too much tension, the slow speeds do not work correctly, above all "T" will not work.

The springs of the II are difficult to set. Often you'll have uneven exposure (one side of the image will be too dark or too light). You need to make test shots to find the correct tension of the springs.

Usually the springs of the II are wrongly set and have too much tension. There is however no need for a high tension.

To find the lowest tension, put the camera in the fridge for a few hours and tension the curtains when the camera is still cold. (The camera must also work outside, in the cold!) This is also good when tensioning a III.

This is helpful, thank you. I have had a standard, a iii a ii and an M4-2. Personally, the iii was the best of the bunch (I do love screw mounts!). I’m tempted by this one as it seems a fair price and has the strap lugs. I’m not a big user of the slow speeds but what you say about the issues with speed as a result of the conversion has be slightly cautious. Also, I notice this doesn’t have the - under the o of ‘No’. I’m still tempted though...!
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