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Modified black Leica ii - question
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Modified black Leica ii - question

Hello esteemed RFers,

I am interested to pick up another screw mount Leica. I have consistently gone back to screw mounts whenever I've strayed to other cameras. Most recently, I bought a Leica M4-2 but still am pulled back to the older bodies (maybe like my own...).

Anyway, I've been offered a black paint Leica ii (my favourite), which has no slow speeds (but the circle on the front where they should be) and strap lugs - two ticks in the box there for me.

However, the shutter speed dial has 1/1000 and it also has the flash sync added. Clearly the camera has been modified but all appears in good shape.

My question really is: does having the 1/1000 add any sort of fallibility into the ownership of these old, old beauties? Does having the flash mechanism mean there could be issues where a simple 1/500 plain old Leica ii would not experience anything negative?

For info, I'm not sure I'd use the 1/1000 speed but the camera looks very nice and is a reasonable price.

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