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Originally Posted by 2wenty View Post
I tired calling them but they didn't answer. Im going to try back again and send an email.

The XTOL I bought came from freestyle photo which I bought in person. Yesterday I went to Samys camera and all their bags felt the same way on the A side.

There's a guy that left a review on B&H saying the same thing I am. So I know its just not me. I'm not even made. I just wanted to bring this up to others that use XTOL so they can be careful before they run a big batch or something.
You should certainly call/visit Freestyle and give them a heads-up. They probably know who to call at Kodak about it, and they'd likely want to hear about it before a lot of angry customers descend on them.

I remember the problem Kodak had with the 1-liter version many years ago. I switched to the 5-liter mix and haven't had any problems with it.
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