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Dear Larry, do you have measured the film with a densitometer?
No, you have not.
Otherwise you would not have written your last posting.....

The ISO norm is very clear: You must have 0.1 logD above base fog at the claimed speed. You must have a certain amount of shadow detail at Zones I - III.
None of that is there with P30 at the claimed official speed. You cannot fool physics.
And if you test P30 against all other films you immediately see the differences, both in sensitometry / ISO testing as in pictures.

ISO norm and shadow speed / detail are nothing we can discuss and have "opinions" about. It is simply only about physics and objective, measured data.
I have talked to several other experienced photographers who have tested the film with a densitometer, too: And all of them get the same, very dissappointing results: Much too low real speed (shadow detail), and much too steep characteristic curve (too much contrast, too dense highlights).

Most scans shown here confirm that: Either too little shadow detail, or blocked highlights.
If you only have subjects with about 3-4 stops contrast range, you will of course not have a problem. That is basic knowledge.
And yes, you can extract some detail from the shadows with scans. But if you then try to print this negative, you will have significant problems with shadow detail.
Almost all who have said they are satiesfied with P30
- have never done a test with a densitometer = measured the real speed
- are using a hybrid workflow and do PP work.

Those who do 'the real BW craftmanship' - evaluate the characterisctic curve with a densitometer and test the optimal film-developer combination - and then print optically with an enlarger on silver-halide photopaper, have been very dissappointed with this film.
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