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Originally Posted by Larry Cloetta View Post
“this film is a complete failure”
“this awful film”

Maybe I should show some of the complete failures I have been able to achieve with Tri-x and post my judgments on how “awful” Tri-x is. If you are using a hybrid workflow and scanning it, P30 is a lovely film, yes, even at ASA 80.
Results demonstrating this fact are everywhere; they are in this thread, and there are tons more over at the Film Ferrania site in the best practices section.
If the film was “bad”, no technique could save images made with it. If someone can’t get nice images with this film, the problem is, as myriad images demonstrate, obviously not with the film. Endlessly repeating the canard that the film is “useless” isn’t going to convince anyone who has eyes in their head and actually uses them.
I have no doubt that some people used P30 and got poor results. At some point, it would seem, when confronted with graphic evidence that it is possible to get excellent results with P30, that people who failed in their first or second attempt could just admit to themselves that “I guess I did it wrong”, and try to improve their techniques, instead of constantly going on about how “unusable” the film is.

P30 is a solution in search of a problem.
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