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Originally Posted by burninfilm View Post
I asked the Film Ferrania rep directly over at Photrio (former APUG site) about whether or not the E6 film has been cancelled. The reply was:

Of course, Film Ferrania has also said that the original "rewards" were 100% going to happen and there was basically zero risk of not receiving color slide film if they made their Kickstarter goals. Or more recently, they admitted that communication from Film Ferrania hasn't been that great and that they would now be providing AT LEAST a monthly update. It has currently been about 7 months since the last backer update (the longest gap in communication... ever). So I wouldn't rely to much on what Film Ferrania says... LOL

They claim that "silent means busy", but in the past, the reality has been "silent means we are collecting bad news to tell you".


I wish them success as Ferrania has a lot of potential. Unfortunately, potential doesn't work well in a film camera.
Officially the E6 film has not been cancelled. But de facto it is placed on hold.
Some time ago Dave Bias from Film Ferrania said in the extremely long FF thread on photrio that FF is now first focussing to 100% on the P30 BW film. Reason: It is much, much easier to make and they urgently need finally a product to earn money to survive as a company. Therefore in the next years BW film(s) are their focus and priority. And if that works and give them financial stability, they will start working on E6.
So in the best scenario we could see FF E6 film in 5-6 years.

I am convinced that we will see a re-introduced Fujichrome transparency film and / or a second Ektachrome film first. That Fuji and / or Kodak are faster with additional E6 product(s) compared to FF is much more likely.

And I hope their next P30 batch will be much improved. The films I have used and tested completely failed: An sensitivity test with a densitometer revealed about 3 stops less real sensitivity / speed than claimed. And the characteristic curve / tonality was the worst (much too steep) I have ever had with a BW film.
P30 can not compete at all with other lower speed high resolution films like ADOX HR-50 or Ilford PanF+.
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