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Lots of good information in this thread.

For the past few days I've been using my FT with 40/1.4 and it is so much fun - I can't stop making photos. At first I thought the Pen's natural "portrait" orientation would confine me, but I very quickly adapted and it's opened up a new way of seeing things.

My advance lever is a bit stiff at about 90 degrees, then loosens up again. On my first 24 exposure roll, I stopped at frame 32, thinking I'd somehow reached the end. Later discovered I just needed a bit more effort. On this second roll, I think I'll stop at 46 to ensure no sprockets get torn.

I didn't realize the take-up spool turns counterclockwise, with the emulsion facing inwards, rather than clockwise like more modern film SLR's.

As for the metering, I wish the viewfinder scale was in F-stops and not 0-7. After 50+ years of photography, well even after 1 year, I have an inherent intuitive feeling of what my aperture should be and the effect I want. I actually do very well not using a meter. Best to get an FV, actually.
"Great photography is about the visual effect upon the viewer, not sharpness." - Stephen Gandy, Cameraquest
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