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Originally Posted by ka7197 View Post
A common problem. When you push up the self-timer lever and let it go from there, it will slowly run down to the point where it should fire the shutter but doesn't. Instead, it just stalls. Right? If so then the remedy is easy; no screwdriver required.

Push the self-timer lever up as far as it will go. While holding it there with one finger, carefully advance the film. Release the self-timer lever. Now it should stay up. After that, you should be able to fire the shutter, either via the regular release button or the self-timer release button. The procedure will cost you one frame of film if the camera is loaded.
I love you!! It worked ... albeit in a slightly different way. When I advanced the frame and let go the lever, the self-timer actually ran down fully and the shutter clicked! Now why did it need an advanced frame for that? Did I try to use the self-timer without advancing a frame?! I don't get it.
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