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Originally Posted by oldwino View Post
I, too, am an original Kickstarter backer. The Kickstarter was to resurrect their E6 film. A b&w film was never mentioned.
That came later, as they discovered they were in way over hoer heads with the E6 idea. In order to appease the backers, they made an test run of some b&w film, and offered them to the backers in lieu of the E6. If I remember correctly, we were told we could have “x” number of rolls of P30 instead of the promised E6 film, or we could get a few rolls of the P30 at a “special” price, and continue to wait for the E6.
And, we still wait. No communication for about a year. Oh well, I knew going in that these things rarely come to fruition, and my financial stake is ultimately small, so I’m not too perturbed.

I also thought the P30 kinds sucked.

Ferrania very much stated that they hoped that people would NOT take P30 as their reward as again they clearly stated that E6 film was their goal.
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