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Originally Posted by Ccoppola82 View Post
I live about 40 minutes from Kodak Rochester and have a lot of clients who have had family work there for their entire lives. What’s happened to the entire city since Kodak’s demise is shocking. The rise in poverty and crime is monumental and as they put it “the city has gone to ****”. So, there’s real consequences to a company like Kodak failing. It hurts not only employees, but the entire economic system of a city they inhabit. It IS still a larger operation that spans city blocks. Maybe I should try to take a tour sooner than later.

Sounds like Detroit, which was annihilated by the decline of the auto industry. Cities should work night and day to be as diverse as possible to avoid consequences like this. No one thought that GM and Kodak would implode the way they did, and yet it happened all the same. Good thoughts do no sustain a company. Competent management is what does and both of those companies are legends when it comes to mismanagement, especially Kodak. Just look at the difference in outcomes between Fujifilm and Kodak. Two more start outcomes are harder to imagine!
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