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Rollei 35 light leak
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Rollei 35 light leak

Although I do not think it is common, light leak at the collapsible lens tube can happen. In 1982 I bought a so-labelled Rollei 35 Special Edition (the all grey one) because that's all that was then available new. Out of the box it had this type of light leak. I sent it back to Marflex for a warranty repair, which was done perfectly and returned in about 10 days. No idea what it would have cost out of warranty. I do not know if I just got lucky, but the lens and optical performance of that camera was spectacular. Color slide images seemed to have a 3-D effect when projected. I didn't use it much and sold it a few years later to a Japanese dealer at a swap meet when he offered me almost three times what I paid for it. Years later, I replaced it with a 35SE - just a great little camera.
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