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Thanks for starting the thread! Coincidentally, I just got an Olympus Pen S, in part to make Pen-o-ramas. Here are some results (that I cross posted on the Olympus Pen S thread) from my first roll of film through the camera. I'm still trying to figure out how to get wider Pen-o-ramas merged in post, as I'm not scanning a strip of negatives in a flatbed scanner:

Olympus Pen S, Arista Premium 400, expired 2014, developed in LegacyPro L110 at 1:31 for 6.5 minutes.

2019.07.20 Roll #212-03751-positive-Pano.jpg
by dourbalistar, on Flickr

2019.07.20 Roll #212-03741-positive-Pano.jpg
by dourbalistar, on Flickr
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