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It will look sharper and clearer than just about any lens made! My colour negative shots w/ an M3 that had a DR on it were like looking at 3D slides. To my mind these older lenses are not low contrast. Rather, the newer lenses have too much contrast. Their IQ In not going to be as nice as a DR. Look for the lenses w/ the blue coatings, not the brown. A pity that Agfa isn't still making some of their Optima films because my DR just loved that film.

Some lenses like the DR Summicron, the Nikon 50 2, and all of the Heliar lenses were the epitome of lens design, and nothing equals them. There's a few other lenses in this category like the R 90 Summicrons. The feel of a DR that is in good shape is really nice. Precision workmanship, and high quality all the way. I think the DR's are in a class of their own. If I still shot rangefinders, a 50 DR would be on my camera.
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