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Originally Posted by tennis-joe View Post
how can you determine between shutter priority and aperture priority and change it on this camera? I lost my directions.
There is no aperture priority option on a QL-17, any version.

The options are:

1. Shutter priority: (when the A is set and no Canonlite D is mounted and on)
2. Manual: when f/stop and shutter speed are set
3. Guide Number: when a GN is set. These are metric (e.g. GNm) and the shutter fires at 1/30th.
4 Special Canonlite D GN mode: when A is set and a Canonlite D is mounted, turned on, and fully recycled. GN is determined by the ISO set.

Both GN modes (#3 & #4, above) use the focus setting to derive the f/stop so exposure accuracy is affected by the focusing accuracy. #4 also requires that the ISO be properly set and the camera's metering system be working properly (e.g. good battery & properly functioning needle display in VF).
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