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In 2014, my wife & I were traveling in Denmark, and I was able to pick-up two nice screwmount Leicas: one was a IIIc, converted to IIIf / BD, the other was a IIIc "stepper", that had been painted (nicely).

The c/f BD was wearing a Summitar, and the Stepper a rather scratched Summar.

I "justified" my purchases in that my digi-cam was out of memory / card, and I had used-up the proprietary batteries (Canon Powershot G-1), and I "needed" something to keep taking pictures with...

I picked-up about a dozen rolls for Kodak color print film, and shot the rest of our trip with the IIIc/f BD / Summitar.

I was very pleased with the results, and have continued to used this combo.

Looking forward to seeing pictures from your II.

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