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"When did I shoot this??" - Date Imprints or Lack Thereof
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"When did I shoot this??" - Date Imprints or Lack Thereof

Digital photography has spoiled me with automatically embedded EXIF data. While looking through a few batches of film scans, I began to wonder when I took those images. As the images were taken months apart on the same roll, and that roll processed months after I finished it, I wasn't sure at all when the images were taken.

I had to go through my digital images to find the scenes and possible contexts, and sometimes I was successful, sometimes not. Shooting with film was such an event in those times (late 2000's) that I even made notes in my journal that I had used the T3 or Ikon on particular days. This helped me figure out when I shot.

But the dates of some images remain elusive.

One solution is to shoot with cameras that have data backs. I only have a few cameras that do this, and only one of them is a camera I'd really consider using on a regular basis, the Fuji Natura Black. I also have a Nikon L35AD but I can't work out how to change the battery in the data back!

No film camera that uses M-mount lenses records date in the image. My best bet for a camera of that form factor would be the Contax G2, but data backs are separate.

A Nikon 35Ti or 28Ti would be great options for the future, assuming they print accurate dates for the next ten years or so.

I understand that a number of Nikon, Canon and Contax SLR's had date imprinting, but that's a bunch of lenses and weight I'm not keen to take up.

Another possibility is to shoot an identical digital image very soon after, which would allow me to place a film image in visual context. It's a bit messier, but it more or less works.

Any thoughts?
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