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Originally Posted by Spavinaw View Post
The amount of information in Peter's book is staggering. Anyone seriously interested in Canon lenses should have this book.

I own the Canon 100mm 1:3.5 Type 7 listed in the book as the highest serial nunber for this lens. However, Peter told me he later found out about an even higher number after the book was published. Anyway, a couple of corrections need to be made for this listing. The Infra-red (R) mark on my lens is red and not orange. Also, the Focus Range on my lens is 3.5-50 not 3.5-60. Minor technicalities.

Once again--a great book.

Thanks for the compliment on my book it makes ALL the 9yrs of research worth the effort.

I read your description of your T7 100mm f/3.5 lens with interest and noted your pointers about your lens which is a late example. My example is an early version hence the info in my book, but it seems that Canon on the later versions altered some of the info and changed colours of the "R" letter from orange to red and changed the focal range info from 60 to 50.

This I did not know!

Now this is interesting because if you check the focus range info on your lens with your thumb nail and find it has been engraved onto the lens similar to the DOF scale then.... wham!!!.
The scale on my lens has been screened onto the lens and is smooth when running one’s finger nail over it.

Whether this has happened onto other late Canon RF M39 lenses I am not sure so if anyone has my book and has a late issue RF lens check it out?

I have seen this done onto some of the late swivel shoe Canon Meters for the Model P where the dial has been screened on some whereas others have it engraved. Check it out with your thumb nail.

Will have to work out from serial numbers of lenses when this occurred.

Cheers Peter
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