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Originally Posted by Huss View Post
Not really. It all comes down to placement in the market. If they make cheap lenses, then the quality won't be so good.

Perfect example is Sigma. They used to make low end budget lenses back in the 80's, 90's etc.
Now their Art series lenses beat the equivalent Nikons optically, and are almost as good as the vaunted Zeiss Otus lenses for much less money.
Sigma decided to move up market. It's the same as what Cosina is doing with its Voigtlander and Zeiss lenses.
Yes, I am aware of all that, Zeiss have always been top shelf primo lenses even in the DDR made lineup when compared to other DDR made lenses.

I got a fast 200mm lens that I bought for use when I was shooting for my High School's yearbook, sports and stage plays and R'n R band concerts (so long ago that I have a hard time remembering it all) and this Sigma made lens was nothing to write home about. I still am prejudiced against Sigma made optics to this very day.
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