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Originally Posted by Vics View Post
Do Canadians pay duty on USA or Mexico produced goods bought from a USA seller? What about NAFTA?
I honestly don't know, but my understanding is that, due to NAFTA, people in the US, Canada, and Mexico do not pay import duties on items manufactured in those countries when shipped across the border. I would think that Customs duties could apply to films, darkroom supplies, and other non-US made items that are imported into the US by Freestyle, and then sold across the border to Canada. Probably most of what Freestyle sells is imported into the US from a non-NAFTA country. Maybe someone from Canada can say if they are charged customs duties for Rollei or Efke film, but not for Kodak film.

Canadian taxes and customs brokerage fees may still apply. There are many people here from Canda who doubtless know more about this than I.

Anyway, my point to the poster who said he was screwed by Freestyle was simply that he wasn't screwed by Freestyle.
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