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Originally Posted by semordnilap View Post
It's really fun to speculate...!

Honestly I think the number one nut for Leica to crack is the high iso performance. If they can do that then everything else is gravy. The M8 was obviously: let's get something out the door! The M9: let's get full frame out the door! Now they've had a few years to work on it, I expect they'll have worked out a lot of the kinks.

If they can offer a b&w only version for, say, $1000 more, I expect they will sell enough for it to be profitable. People buy the M9-P for $1000 more...
I was thinking a chrome M9P before this thread started. I'd have to sell a lot of gear, but that would be a good thing. Thought I was a die-hard B&W film guy, but now I look upon digital as a different/seperate medium as an opportunity for growth and a personal challenge.

Having better high ISO performance would be a game changer for me and it wouldn't have to be that high, perhaps 1250 or 1600.

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