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Originally Posted by ka7197 View Post
Bad idea. Don't do that. The Tri-Elmar-M 16-18-21 mm Asph's code will make the camera think you're using a 21 mm lens. Better use the code 51 (110011) when your 15 mm lens brings up the 35/135 mm framelines, or the code 52 (110100) when your 15 mm lens brings up the 50/75 mm framelines, or the code 1 (000001) when your 15 mm lens brings up the 28/90 mm framelines.

I guess your 15 mm lens does not bring up the 28/90 mm framelines, does it? The 28/90 mm framelines would match the 16 mm WATE setting; if your settings don't match then the camera reports an error. Good thing!

To avoid the select box coming up all the time, I guess you'd have to select the WATE's focal length that matches your 15 mm lens' framelines:
  • 28/90 mm framelines --> WATE at 16 mm
  • 35/135 mm framelines --> WATE at 18 mm (on M8: 24/35 mm framelines)
  • 50/75 mm framelines --> WATE at 21 mm
However that's just an assumption of mine, as I don't have an M8 camera. If selecting the proper focal length doesn't help then use one of the other 6-bit lens codes given above. The lens corrections applied to the image will be the same for each WATE setting anyway (matching the WATE at 21 mm); just the focal length designation in the EXIF data will change.
Interesting! The 15mm brings up the 28/90 frame lines on my M8.

Since code 1 is for the Elmarit 21 could I also use code 24 for the elmarit 21 asph and be ok? The idea I'm getting is that you just have to keep it matched with what frame lines are showing up, and in the ballpark of the focal length.

Thanks for the input!

edit: Went ahead and coded it as Code 24 since that didn't involve erasing my current sharpie mark. Will report back tonight after shooting the lens today.
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