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Originally Posted by JayM View Post
I have a Voigtländer 15 mm in M mount that I used a sharpie to code as a WATE.
Bad idea. Don't do that. The Tri-Elmar-M 16-18-21 mm Asph's code will make the camera think you're using a 21 mm lens. Better use the code 51 (110011) when your 15 mm lens brings up the 35/135 mm framelines, or the code 52 (110100) when your 15 mm lens brings up the 50/75 mm framelines, or the code 1 (000001) when your 15 mm lens brings up the 28/90 mm framelines.

Originally Posted by JayM View Post
When the camera starts up I select 16 mm. Then within moments the lens select box comes up again. I select 16 mm [...] (repeat for entire day of shooting). Any thoughts as to why this might be happening?
I guess your 15 mm lens does not bring up the 28/90 mm framelines, does it? The 28/90 mm framelines would match the 16 mm WATE setting; if your settings don't match then the camera reports an error. Good thing!

To avoid the select box coming up all the time, I guess you'd have to select the WATE's focal length that matches your 15 mm lens' framelines:
  • 28/90 mm framelines --> WATE at 16 mm
  • 35/135 mm framelines --> WATE at 18 mm (on M8: 24/35 mm framelines)
  • 50/75 mm framelines --> WATE at 21 mm
However that's just an assumption of mine, as I don't have an M8 camera. If selecting the proper focal length doesn't help then use one of the other 6-bit lens codes given above. The lens corrections applied to the image will be the same for each WATE setting anyway (matching the WATE at 21 mm); just the focal length designation in the EXIF data will change.

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