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The Shining wasn't really intended as a "Horror Film" it was a "Psychological Thriller".

If you haven't seen this breakdown of the film, I'd heavily suggest it.

Originally Posted by peterm1 View Post
I actually kind of have mixed feelings about Kubrik as a Director. I recognize his genius but he perhaps made some movies that were not quite my style. Nevertheless, some of his films were just fabulous (Barry Lyndon comes to mind, as does his early anti war movie Paths of Glory ) but others, for all the hype about them, are only so so or at least have not stood the test of time so well IMHO. And The Shining stands out for me as being just about the world's most unscary, un-frightening horror movie of all time and so has to be one of his misses as I score it. (But perhaps the fault lies more with Steven King as author - it's hard to polish a "you know what".) What Kubrik really must be lauded for at least though, I think, is his willingness to try just about any genre. And I certainly do not knock him for that, nor for his willingness to go to the "nth degree" to recreate detail and period feel. My love of Barry Lyndon is mostly about that - even for example making period accurate military uniforms (hundreds and hundreds of them) using authentic patterns and period accurate color dyes to get the right color. Name another Director who goes to such lengths.

His early photography was excellent and especially in this I agree, he was a kind of prodigy.

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