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Originally Posted by VertovSvilova View Post
Ya, I think it's just simply personal preferences, etc..

Just for the record, what I mean when saying "more like film" is really more like a conventional photograph and not a technical line drawing kind of look. Sometimes I see Merrill images that look like "electronic line drawings" or something. Can't quite explain it in words (obviously ), but it's that "precise etching look" and a kind of crunchy look (digital aliasing of some sort.) It's kind of cool (and amazing) with all that micro-contrast but to my eyes they can sometimes look like something other than photographs (in the conventional sense.)

But yes, I too use film for my true "film look"
Yes...I know exactly what you mean and the Merrills can drift into that territory even without PP.
It`s just that I thought that particular shot didn`t fall into that category (to me).

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