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Originally Posted by VertovSvilova View Post
imho, one has to be really careful with processing the Merrill files and use a 'light touch' especially with sharpening. As is evident with some of the images here, they can take on a 'crunchy' look that to me is bordering on kind of weird. They can end up looking more like 'electronic technical drawings' and not photographs. Sometimes I think people get obsessed with the detail and micro-contrast and kind of overdo it.

But if handled well the files can take on a film-like appearance. And best of all, the Merrill files are great for printing (where one needs to 'over sharpen' in comparison for making files for monitor viewing.) I find Merrill files that are printed (either ink or RA-4 Lightjet/Lambda) can look really spectacular.
You might be talking about anybody, but I will take the ball. For the record, no sharpening whatsoever, beyond Flickr's internal parameters, was applied to the files I posted here.

Two of the images (first one in post #147, and the one in post #150) are multiple exposure HDR. Perhaps a little too much for some tastes.

For still life/landscape, I often do like tonal contrast for the texture it brings out. It was actually one of the reasons that led me to decide that I personally prefer the output of the Merrill to that of the M9, when I had both.

As for prints: those that I've made from Merrill images processed in this way definitely look more organic--and spectacular--than what you see here.
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