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Originally Posted by BillBlackwell View Post
Wow! Then I can't blame you for your loathing.

My experience has not been so dramatic. I absolutely hated the M8, not so much because it wasn't reliable (it actually was), but because of those annoying IR-Cut filters and its small sensor; I had two - the first one was replaced under warranty because it was delivered with substantial sensor dust. My Leica dealer (Tony Rose at Popflash) insisted they replace it.

I don't know anyone who's had the trouble you've had.
Yes, it's been pretty crazy. But I've learned to regroup, lick my wounds and move on. Maybe I expect too much?

I never hated the M8, maybe because it was my first junk digital M, and not today years later. My first M8 died on I think the first combat mission. I simply threw the thing in a box and picked up my film cameras like nothing happened. My second M8, like I had mentioned earlier was tough as nails. Perfect.
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