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Originally Posted by emraphoto View Post
I hope i have the right place for this. Mods feel free to do your thing.

The classifieds here have always been a fairly positive experience for me. Thank you to the people who make it possible.

As users perhaps I can make a suggestion? If you engage with a seller, make offers and so forth, consider following up when they reply or make arrangements with you. EVEN IF YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND, be courteous and send a note saying "hey, I changed my mind but thank you". The routine of engaging, asking questions and making offers followed by then not responding or clarifying your intent is bothersome and it has happened a number of times (to me at least) in the past months.

To sum it up... If you engage with a seller and make an offer, dont then ignore the seller and stop responding to replies. A simple "i have changed my mind" would be lovely.

I agree. It is common courtesy to politely communicate with the seller to let them know what you have decided ESPECIALLY if you decide not to go ahead with the purchase.

I have recently had an experience on eBay where the roles were reversed where as a buyer this sort of thing occurred to me . I asked a question of the seller (in which I did not ask for a discount) but the seller never the less offered a discount in response to my question. I presume he perhaps thought this would be a "sweetener" to close the deal, which it was. I was not as I say, expecting a discount nor had asked for one but I felt his BIN price was at the upper end of the range and the discount did indeed make the deal more attractive).

So I responded again saying I accepted his offer of a discount asking if he could please amend his eBay listing to indicate his willingness to accept offers in which event I would submit an offer for the lower amount we both already agreed on. I never heard back. Which I thought was rude and clueless. His equipment is still on eBay 2 weeks later - unsold, re listed. I was not upset (being upset at such little things is not worth it) but I just moved on and gave my money to another seller.
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