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Yes, some do.

The second, or sometimes greater is a much easier wedding to photograph. Feet usually more firmly planted on the ground, not a cinderella story. No mamas to deal with.

One wedding I made photographs had college age children. The bride and grooms parents were still alive. Her father walked her down the aisle. I guess he was in his eighties. Smiles all over. Made some beautiful photographs.

Maybe many first weddings should forget the pro photographer relying on family and guests to make the photographs and hire the pro the second time around since half of them won’t last anyway.

The second weddings were actually a lot of fun to photograph. An associate did glamour photography and some of the brides to be would hire her prior to the wedding for a session and have the prints for the groom on their wedding day. Sexy!

Iím an image maker not image taker.
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