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Originally Posted by Larry Cloetta View Post
But back to the original question as to whether Kodak or some other manufacturer might be thinking of producing new slide projectors.
Checking eBay, there was a Leitz 153 ir projector in like new condition with a Leitz Colorplan 90/2.5 lens, three Leitz slide trays, remote and a manual for slightly less than $100, shipped.
Thatís not unheard of in terms of availability.
Doubtful any manufacturer is going to look at that, realize what their competion is, and decide to spend millions, possibly, to tool up for all that and then face their shareholders.
Thank you for trying to bring things back full circle. We've learned that some people just can't be bothered with projecting images from slides and that others hate slide film all together ó no surprises there. (Those who don't like reversal film just shouldn't shoot it. Problem solved, lol.)

But as far as the OP's original question goes yours is the most logical response of all. Used projector availability certainly extends past Ebay. Just look through craigslist. Even the place where I'm currently having film developed has boxes of used projectors and other associated equipment sitting around for purchase on the cheap.
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