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Well, in my initial post, I was wondering if we will see a new interesting M-mount lens (at least that's my hope). RF-coupled would be all the better.

So, plenty of older designs with "character" that Lomo has started to bring back (Petzval, Achromat) and it would be neat to have them in M-mount and not have to adapt them. Something like a Pronar, Artar, Dagor; most of these quite old designs with similar "errors" as the Petzval.

I also think a real fast lens could be interesting. Namely, a 50/1.2 or around there. And again, RF-coupled. It could be LTM too of course.

They already re-issued the Russar and the Jupiter-3. I haven't tried either, but folks elsewhere on RFF seem to think they're good. The J-3 in particular appears to be a big improvement over the original, and thus a good value for its price (which feels steep because you think of it as an FSU lens, but really its not...)

But I think the person who said it might be 620 film is closer. That actually would be a good thing. Many of us have cameras that would benefit from that.
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