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Originally Posted by B-9 View Post
I can agree with that!

Edit: Iíve tried electrolysis, itís not feasible for a DIYer. Just my honest opinion.
it's possible. we had a jewelry and watch repair shop and we had one that uses car batteries, even over-the-counter batteries should work. however, it is a health hazard

my wife will kill me if I did that at home since we have a baby at home it's her birthday today

that's the best way as it eats away the stuff slowly. the protective chrome can easily be removed by pickling it in bleach but the nickel will be stubborn.

the dings are easy so long as its a flat panel, corners and curves are hard as you will need a die. I am thinking for a long time if I should invest in making them for the models that i fix the most which are Nikkormats and F's. I am used to making them using the lost-wax casting method but without access to a centrifugal machine, forge, etc it will be a project for next time. maybe I should out source this. i had a lab once so it was simple for me.
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