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Wonderful portrait. Great detail and expression

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Great composition!

LOL, I love this shot.
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Kuvvy, I love the lighting and sense of space. The second one has a very 1930's cinema lighting feel. Fantastic.
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Great sense of intimacy and caring. Very well done.
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Some shots I have captured over the past month. I love the stealthiness this camera affords. Silent mode is my favorite. I have missed shooting with a "rangefinderish" camera for a while. The high ISO capabilities have exceeded my expectations but the hit or miss focusing has been a greater let down in low light, even with the AF assist. Quirks aside, I have been loving to shoot with it. I hope the manual focus slow issue can be resolved.

Bed time by danklar, on Flickr

Livy on the farm by danklar, on Flickr

Jaks big smile by danklar, on Flickr

Jak in green 1 by danklar, on Flickr

Paul by danklar, on Flickr

Love the Pano feature,

TZ Bridge Pano by danklar, on Flickr
No Post work on this one, straight out of the camera. Need to get rid of the ghost cars.

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