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Thanks, Vince! We’ll figure out what is possible and save the rest for a future trip.

Canyon de Chelly I know firsthand, as well as a few other on well-known byways like Four Corners, Canyonlands, Hovenweep, the Hopi mesas... it has been 35 years, though that is nothing to the time they inhabit.

I’m from North Carolina, and Linn my wife on retirement was ready for a new adventure beyond the rainy winters and cool summers of the Pacific W/NW. We almost bought a home and acreage in the Sierra foothills near Yosemite, but that whole swath of the intermountain West is high fire risk. You have to evacuate with short notice in lightning season. Not for us.

However, she so enjoyed a 2018 tour of the N.C. Piedmont and coast, my old friends and certain relatives, the relatively mild climate, that she suggested we move there. It’s an adventure we can afford to enjoy. We’ll be in a small town in the Sandhills region where my mother’s people once owned a lot of timber land they sold, now known as Pinehurst. A good many family members are buried close by, including my parents and sister. There’s a plot for me, too, if I want it.

I imagine that once I have time and inclination to develop and post after the move, some of the first results will be in this thread.
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