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Originally Posted by rhl-oregon View Post
Vince, lovely dry oxidized Western reds. The desert sky looks drinkably refreshing in contrast.

My wife and I will be moving southeast soon, driving I-40 more or less to North Carolina. Depending on the moving van’s schedule, maybe we will be able to set aside extra travel time in New Mexico for photography. I’d love to hear your suggestions about places and roads where you’ve found joy.

We’ll be transporting the family (3 terriers/3 cats) in the Outback, so I won’t be able to make serious off-road sorties or lengthy detours, but I’ll take any suggestion I can scout, abbreviate, bookmark for later.
I'd be interested to hear about your relocation from West to East -- isn't the saying 'go West young man'?

For New Mexico, there are just so many places, it's really hard to choose one. However, if you want one of the best drives around, the drive to Los Alamos on Rt. 4 through Valles Caldera is hard to beat. The next best drive is way up in the NW corner of the state, from Shiprock on Hwy 64 west into NE Arizona. I just did that drive two weeks ago and it was beyond stunning. I also like the area of Chimayo, Truchas and Las Trampas -- a real 'energy' there, if that makes sense. In the SW part of the state, Lordsburg and Deming are worth a look. The other place - if you're at all interested in this sort of thing - is in Clovis. The town itself isn't all that compelling, but the Norm and Vi Petty Recording Studio is. You have to call ahead to make an appointment to tour it, but the recording studio is phenomenal. It's like they just closed the doors in 1967 and left everything intact. Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, Duane Eddy, Jimmy Gilmer and Waylon Jennings are but a few of the artists who recorded there to get that 'Clovis sound'. Plus you can actually get up close to the items that are there -- I actually was allowed to play the Solovox organ that was used on Jimmy Gilmer's 'Sugar Shack'. Bet you wouldn't get to do that at Sun Studios or Muscle Shoals. Looking at the map, from Clines Corners on I-40 you could conceivably do an Encino-Vaughn-Fort Sumner-Clovis dip via Hwy 285 and then Hwy 60, and then head back up to I-40 at Amarillo. It's a bit of a desolate drive (though all the roads are paved and generally fine), but it would give you some real insight into the beautiful emptiness that much of New Mexico possesses. You'd also be in 'Billy the Kid' country down there

Another place just popped into my head - Canyon de Chelly in eastern Arizona. It's north of I-40.
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