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Originally Posted by Godfrey View Post

When I was younger, my bicycle was a 1972 Cinellii Criterium Racer (from 1983 until 2004), supplemented on and off over the years by a mountain bike. I realized in 2004 that I simply could not ride the Cinelli anymore with my damaged hip, AND it needed a complete overhaul, so I sold it to a friend who restored it. And wept. Couldn't stand to see it sitting unused any more. I loved that bicycle.

Returning to two wheels in 2016, after hip replacement and all the other miseries of the years had been beaten down, was the biggest emotional moment of the past two decades for me. I lived two wheels on bikes and cycles for so much of my life, from 1965 to 2004, almost as long as I'd been into Photography. To lose it was to die, in a way; to have it back is returning to my life from the Crystal Cave.

I hear you Godfrey. Last week I was able to get out on the Beemer in the midst of our insane spring weather (multiple 70F days, then a major snowstorm, repeat). Was commenting to my wife that when I'm out on the bike, I'm twenty years younger. Have started looking around for a cheap mountain bike, as I slacked off cycling in my early 50's and sold off most of my bikes. Need to get the blood flowing again, and cycling does it with less shock to the joints than running (at least for me).


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