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Recently I worked on these images from Veterans Day in local cemeteries. I had the ZM 21 2.8 on the M-D, and the CV 35 1.2 on the M7. (Those negatives are not yet scanned.)

This grave is at the uppermost wooded edge of the steeps of Ferndale Cemetery. Our little town gathers at its feet. Egrets roost overhead at night. The family has left a folding chair for visits. I wanted to show the whole space from a neutral but genuflecting perspective.

I liked the boxed toy sports car placed as a memento on this grave, and decided to add my own symbolic memento, one of my tools for bearing witness.

The men you see in this amphitheatric Catholic parish cemetery, a bit further out from town, are VFW volunteers who came late in the day to harvest the little flags they had planted earlier that weekend. These are not the only local cemeteries they serve.

Robert Hill Long
Ferndale California USA
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