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Thanks, friends. Such a fabulous tool. Though it may be silly to admit, I am learning to trust what it can do without knowing instantaneously whether I got the exposure I wanted or not. After all, for the past ten years, each of my digital cams featured instant feedback. And the feedback is addictive, like what’s contained in that ubiquitous Pandora Box, the iPhone.

I *do* tend to bring along a buddy camera with the M-D. It isn’t always a “seeing eye” digital, functioning like a Polaroid to check large format exposure, though the Leica T is good for that function, or the X100s. It may be one of my film Fujis, or the M7, since I am trying to maintain a roughly parallel parity between digital and film images—at least of the ones I plan, and also have time to make its analogue/backup.
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