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Recent landscape work close to home. Table Bluff is a mesa above the north bank of the Eel River and its wetlands. Much pasture for dairy cattle and beef cattle, the reservation of the Wiyot (Eel) tribe, and a certain number (likely to increase) of dream homes.

I am dilatory about using Flickr so these images remain small as befits RFF gallery restrictions, though you can upsize them in the gallery. I'll also post them on LUF, which is not designed to privilege Flickr on relative image sizes. Just an FYI.

Eastward toward the Coast Range

Westward to the Pacific, both shot with the wrong lens for the job (ha ha), the ZM 35/2

A windbreak overlooking the Eel River wetlands with barn for scale, ZM 21/2.9

Back in the lowlands of Ferndale, a stand of alders along Coffee Creek on Highway 211

Cheerios (as we say over brekkies in the USA)
Robert Hill Long
Ferndale California USA
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