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Don't get me wrong, I like carbon frame bikes and ride them too, but there are always tradeoffs when going to the next level of tech...whether it be bikes or cameras. Disc brakes are wonderful for their stopping ability, especially in wet weather, but the reason they are not fully accepted especially in the road riding community, is the weight gain, which often offsets some of the weight advantage of carbon vs. other material. Same holds true for front or full suspension bikes vs. no suspension, vis-a-vis, weight gain. Sometimes the additional complexity of disc brakes for on the go repair, has some shying away. Then again there are many advantages, especially for stopping ability on downhill terrain, especially when weight of bike and rider is taken into consideration.

As light weight as carbon frames are, sometimes the preference is for the ride and handling characteristics of different frame materials, all else being near equal. This factor is especially so in the road bike community. It's subjective of course, just like similar models of cameras by different manufactures. Specs or associated components may be similar, but how its all laid out and put together and also how its implemented, can make a considerable difference. Same with handling characteristics...whether be bikes or cameras.

Likewise, in cameras, there are not only tradeoffs but consideration of many factors for the potential users, and much is dependent on intended usage, the photographic objectives and situation at hand and of course individual preferences. There is no right or wrong. I've heard many say that cameras like the M-D 262 do harken back to working with a digital camera much like their film based predictors. That may not how all look at it, but from feedback I've received, many do.

Dave (D&A)
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