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Hmm. There seems to be plenty of innovation and such in bicycling today. I sure wouldn't want to be without today's disk brakes and strong, light carbon frames.

Although I ride a fat bike, I don't ride off paved road very often, nor does it have suspension etc. Mine is setup for the street, with semi-slick tires, and is rigid fore and aft, has excellent 1x11 drive, and outstanding hydraulic disk brakes. It's a simple machine, using the latest technology in materials science to hit my goals. The big tires make it comfortable and easy to ride on any road or trail, the modern shifter and brakes make it go and stop very nice, the carbon makes it light and handy.

It is similar to how I like cameras, in a way. The M-D 262 has just what I need and nothing more: minimizes distraction, excels in ergonomics, and its sensor lets me get what my lenses have to offer out into my photos. There's a similar aesthetic although I really don't think of it as "harkening back" ... I still have film M and R cameras, I don't have to imagine what I'm using to be like what I used to use because if I want to use that, I just take it out of the closet and use that. My love of the M-D is more functionalist than minimalist ... just like my use of the CL is functionalist first (it gives me the TTL viewfinder I need, works with the lenses and accessories I have, and has good ergonomics and state of the art sensor...).

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