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Originally Posted by dof View Post
Mine is that it's a great way to shoot the lovely 80mm Summilux-R. Live view on the M10 has opened up a world of opportunities with this lens.

Related to the original question, I had an R8 for a week. The ergonomics are indeed wonderful - it felt so natural in the hands. But I found it was just too large a camera to carry on a daily basis. I learned from that experience that for me, that's a strict criteria for 35mm format cameras. I brought it back to my dealer who graciously allowed me to trade it for an R6. I still use the 6.
I am curious to compare it to the R4s that is attached to the 50mm Summicron I just bought. I basically got both the R8 and the R4s for free give the prices I paid for the lenses.

I have a wide range of AF and manual cameras to shoot film and digital with. I'm used to a hefty camera, used my D3 for years with very large lenses. In that context, the r8 isn't huge to me. I'm just utterly happy with how it feels in my hands. The past week and a half, I've done more personal photography (not work) than I've done in most of the year. It's reinvigorated my connection to a camera, and I'm happy with that.
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