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Originally Posted by fbf View Post
i think using leica M digital for macro work is absurd but thats my own person opinion. I use sony a7iii for macro work . I also use hawk /cv adapter with close focus for leica M lenses. It's so much easier to focus on sony a7iii.
the Leica SL on the other hand is great for manual focus / macro work. The live view and screen is amazing.
Again, my personal 2 cent. You do whatever works for you.
Happy shooting.
The M is what I have, though adapters are out there for. Using the 100mm APO on my Nikon D750 as well.

I got an adapter from DAG, and the Olympus viewfinder today. Honestly, the setup wasn't terrible and I think for my occasional macro needs would work great. Better than an actual Visoflex, lol.
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