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Indeed, the X100F leaves you like 10 buttons and 5 dials plus 2 rings and a joystick, all customizable. It takes lots of energy to learn and map all the controls. Once sorted out the camera runs nicely, but I can't let go of the feeling that there should be a "master switch" like the physical "U1/U2/U3-ish" user preset controls we have on more conventional cameras to harness all the mess.

On the other hand, cameras like the Leica Q (which I decided to sell in the end!) are often touted as simple "no frills" tools, but IMO it's just too darn simplistic to the point of being unusable. It seriously LACKS (USEFUL) physical controls. Wanna change AF mode? Dive into the menu. Wanna turn the OIS on? The menu. Wanna alter your file size? Menu Again. If you prefer the EVF Only mode like I do, then good luck adjusting anything without peeping into the EVF, as the camera doesn't have a switch to toggle between EVF and LCD - for the later you have to dive into the menu, which itself is (unlike the Fuji) only visible in the EVF...

Sure you can set the camera as single point AF-S and DNG only, forget about ever changing any of the perimeters and just shoot away. But with the completely useless video mode button and the half useless digital zoom button at hand, you cannot stop thinking it's the camera itself, not you, lacks some more tinkering.

Guess I have yet to find the digital autofocus camera that strikes the balance between usability and simplicity.
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