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It is just a matter of choice nowadays, Keith.
For straight forward shooting you can set aperture on the lens, shutterspeed, iso and EV compensation with dials. Program 1 FN button for Filmsimulation modes and you are done and you can shoot happily forever with excellent results.
On the other hand, if you want to setup C-AF or to have eye-af enabled and choose between the left- or right eye, then you have to delve into manuals, setup procedures and and program FN buttons.
Coming from X100 - S and T I now own a - new to me - X-T2 and after reading the manual and some blogs/youtube films I setup the camera once and now I am a happy shooter with all for me important functions readily accessible without delving into the menu's.
So, for me these camera's can be either simplistic or rather complicated, but ain't it brilliant we have these choices nowadays?

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