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My experience with the x100t was that it took a bit to catch the quirks. The first thing I did was disable all the quick set functions and over time added back just 2-3.

The second thing I did was turn off the back LCD and use the elec.eye view finder only with full time face recognition. I will give you that the user manual sucks big-time...

Shooting in-camera JPGs and love the 'x100t'. I would prefer the x100f as I also shoot ND Grad filters (Lee Sev5n) which has to be done in full manual mode so the external ISO dial would be a plus. There is some barrel distortion with the lens and there can be a bit of moiré patterning... I am using an early version of Silkypix (again a bit of a learning curve) and will most likely upgrade to a newer version of the software.

It's not a replacement for film or dSLR, but it's a great social media camera.
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