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Originally Posted by davidnewtonguitars View Post
I have bought many items from Japan and in the US, have never had a duty. What does DHL do differently from all the others, USPS for example, that causes duties? I am wondering because I just bought an M6ttl, and Irohas has shipped it DHL.

What they did to me was hold the camera for not only a duty, but a fee to process the duty. When I informed them the camera was duty free, they came up with another part of the Code that appeared to say it wasn't, and if I didn't pay up they would return it to the seller.

Having searched far and wide for that particular camera at that price point, I figured it was not worth the chance that the seller would ship it again by another service, or more likely DHL wouldn't even bother to return it to the seller, and dispose of it via salvage brokers. So I caved and payed the duty and fee. It felt just like having to pay a ransom, and I for one will never use DHL for anything, and always request the sellers to not use them either.

I did later on purchase a camera outfit from Europe, and asked the seller to not send it DHL, but they said due to the value of the item they would only ship by DHL. Well, as luck would have it I didn't get keelhauled for another Duty and Fee, so it could just be certain DHL managers padding their profit margins with this scam.

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