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Originally Posted by nightfly View Post

I'm always curious what people use the ridiculously high ISO settings on modern cameras for. I generally manage to stay below 1600 in most situations I encounter in real life.
So do I. Looking at my library I have

roughly 86% are <=ISO 1600

roughly 9% from <=ISO 6400 and >ISO 1600

roughly 3% from >ISO 6400 and <=ISO 12800

roughly .01% >ISO 12800 and <=ISO 102400

Usually when I am using high ISO it is indoor sports/action where I'm using a large lens (100-400) and need a fast shutter speed.

With the GR3 I was using ISO6400 at an indoor party where I wanted 1/125 to avoid motion blur during dancing.

Nice to have that option if the camera can deliver at those speeds.

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