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Originally Posted by sepiareverb View Post
Electrical idiot here. This is a question I would have asked my uncle, but he passed away in November.

Have the GRiii in and love the image quality thus far. I am, however, very disappointed with the accessory "charger" BJ-11. Nothing like the BJ-6 that I have used for years to charge my Ricoh GR batteries, this new "charger" requires an AC adapter or the cameras charger and cable to work. $50 and only 1/3 of a charger. The BJ-6 has a fold out 2-prong plug, super compact and eminently functional.

Output specs for the BJ-11 are 4.2 V 0.9A. Specs for the old BJ-11 are 4.2V 0.8A. The new battery fits in the old charger and the contacts appear to line up. Can I use the old charger to fill the new battery? Or is that slightly lower average going to be a problem. I have a feeling it may just charge more slowly?
It's gonna charge slower but as long as you don't go over the maximum current and voltage stated on the battery (1.8A, 4.25V), you'd be fine.

I use the double charger - 0.73A for each battery and there's no problem.
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